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"My mother has been dead for ten years, and at times I wonder if she ever existed. My self-hating voice reminds me that she did. And another voice, the one that urges me to walk through fear and uncertainty, also has her echo. I want to gather up these voices and tell her story and mine.'
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Publication Date: March 2012
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Stephanie Hart

Mirror Mirror: A Collection of Memoirs and Stories (And Then Press, March 2012), Stephanie Hart’s third book, is composed of a series of fast-paced vignettes that explore her childhood, youth, family, and ancestral background through a mix of real and imagined memories and events. Stephanie recounts and interprets the unique details of her own life; she brings to life the personalities and experiences of various relatives and friends in a manner which is intimate, heartbreaking, and often humorous. Her rich prose is evocative and poetic, yet highly accessible and engaging, offering surprises that halt your breath, make you smile, and nod with empathy. Her story becomes a window into many lives, lives most readers will find reflected in their own personal narratives, encouraging them to revisit and re-imagine their own family backgrounds.Seamlessly blending past and present, Stephanie takes us from Manhattan of the 1950s to Moscow and Odessa circa 1800s, where she imaginatively renders the lives of her grandparents and great grandparents, and then takes us into the twenty-first century. She bares her soul by inviting readers into her world: her magical and unsettling early childhood by the sea, her years spent as the only Jewish girl in a Presbyterian boarding school, her urban high school years during which conflict with her mercurial and charismatic mother reaches a crescendo, and the weight of her father’s anger and unrealized dreams press down upon her. While acknowledging the mirror of the past, she shows us the love and friendship reflected in her current life, celebrating the generative power of each moment to transform experience.

Mirror Mirror is beautifully enhanced with well-preserved photographs of Stephanie Hart’s family. These expressive images allow us to experience the climate of other times and places as if we had been there ourselves.

[This] collection illustrates Socrates’ philosophy that “the unexamined life is not worth
living.” … A hopeful, finely rendered portrait of a dysfunctional family and its effects on
the author. —Kirkus Reviews
[Hart’s] writing bears an artful—almost impressionistic—quality, relying on lyricism
rather than plot and tension to engage readers. …Reflective readers, who seek artistic
healing of the common hurts of growing up and growing older, will find that Mirror Mirror
speaks powerfully. —ForeWord Reviews

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Stephanie Hart teaches writing at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons The New School for
Design in New York City. Her third book, Mirror Mirror: A Collection of Memoirs and Stories, expands upon
the series of fast- paced vignettes presented in Clouds Like Horses and Other Stories. A member of Poets and
Writers, and the Authors Guild, her stories and essays have appeared in anthologies such as Mondo James
Dean, The Best Stories from ducts.org, and literary magazines including The Sun, Jewish Currents, And Then,
and ducts.org. She is the author of a young adult novel, Is There Any Way Out of the Sixth Grade?

For more information, visit: mirrormirrorhart.com

Mirror Mirror: A Collection of Memoirs and Stories
By Stephanie Hart
And Then Press
March 2012 · 224 pages · $12 · trade paper
ISBN: 978‐0‐615‐49808‐9
Available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and others